As a responsible business, we have a business sustainability statement available to customers, suppliers and our community.

Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line – a process by which we manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet.

The directors of the business will ensure viability at all stages, this process will be managed by;

  • Providing services at realistic and reliable prices.
  • Ensuring payments are allocated to accounts quickly and accurately.
  • Business risk will be limited by insurance, not limited to public obligation, but also via legal protection and fire/ theft insurance
  • Services will be registered with the relevant industry body, in most cases this will be the local authority.
  • Staff will be of a suitable quality and trained to the required standards

The business currently owns all of the equipment that it offers for hire via it’s marketing and website, including social media. The business will only offer a limited referral for services such as hog roasts, photo booths, dance floors and LED love letters and balloons.

The companies used to provide services of this nature are;

  • Snapix Photobooths
  • Beau Balloons
  • A Light on the Tiles
  • Smoke and Spice Hog Roasts

The business will operate events management services as defined within an event management plan. This clear process identifies our responsibilities and safeguards customers and the business against any unnecessary risk. We have seen in a number of cases where suppliers have enlisted support from other suppliers to provide large volumes of services delivery. Our suppliers are checked and vetted.

As a service commitment the business will aim to offer no more than 2 items of equipment for hire at any one time, for example only 2 chocolate fountains will be hired at the same time, this is not per day and additional owned equipment will be used to support this process. As we stock and maintain a wide range of equipment it is considered absolutely viable to offer multiple items for hire at the same time, staffed with our own in house team of colleagues.

Colleagues are employed by the business on an employee basis or a self employed contractors, contractors may be in the form of employment agencies or sole traders who provide staffing. The business currently uses the services of 6 staff members in additional to a Company Secretary and a Managing Director. The 8 personnel are considered sufficient to manage multiple bookings and this process is risk assessed for safety and business needs, there is also a risk assessment to ensure customer satisfaction.


This policy was last updated on 07.08.2018 and will be due for renewal on 08.08.2019