Children’s Meal Boxes

Why choose a meal box

A simple but stylish option for any party of event. Children’s Meal Boxes are suited to those occasions when you just need everything in one place. A great selection in each boxes saves the passing around of food trays and drinks and brings to you a quick solution to your food and beverage needs.


About the box

The box is included and you can choose a theme that meets your requirements. We do our best to include all boxes free of charge, but some boxes may attract a small charge to cover costs.


What’s in the box 

A choice of freshly prepared sandwiches to include; Cheese, Ham, Chocolate Spread or Jam

Chicken Dippers

Mini Pizzas

Sausage Rolls


Piece of fruit

Chocolate roll


How do we prepare the boxes

  1. We start with a box of your choice

Image result for kids meal box

2. We prepare only the freshest and finest food for your special little guests


Image result for preparing sandwiches

3. We box the foods ready for you in sealed bags where possible



4. All foods are carefully boxed ready for you to hand out

5. We deliver to you in boxes or trays


We deliver to a location of your choice. Most orders in our postcode area will benefit from FREE DELIVERY.

The cost per box is £4.49