Ferrero/ Chocolate Stand Hire

Our Ferrero or Chocolate Stand Hire is available across the West Midlands, Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Birmingham.

We have 2 main stand types;

  • Heart shaped stands
  • Pyramids

We only use the finest quality food grade stands in a large size, if you compare prices please remember to check the stand size.

Our stands look like this

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Once you have chosen the shape you prefer, you need to consider guest numbers.

  • Heart stands can be filled with 150 chocolates for the front and sides providing the back is against a backdrop of wall.


  • Heart stands can be filled fully with 300 chocolates.


  • Pyramid stands must always be filled with 300 chocolates and nobody would like a half filled pyramid, it’s all about the look! Not just the taste.
Pricing is very simple

Heart stand with 150 chocolates                                                    £89

Heart stand with 300 chocolates                                                  £159

Pyramid stand with 300 chocolates                                             £159


We recommend using Ferrero chocolates with a Ferrero Pyramid or Heart Stand, but you don’t have to. You must remember that Ferreros contain nuts, and so you may want to consider a Lindor Heart Stand or Lindor Pyramid, they work very well and are available at the same price in a wide range of colours, why not mix a few colours to match your colour scheme.

In fact tell us which you prefer, and help other customers decide on the perfect option for their event.

Do you have questions about our products or services? Just get in touch using the contact form below or email us at or call 08000377476. We look forward to answering any questions that you have, we’d love to be part of your event!


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