The Colleague Time Sheet may be used for employed and self employed staff members.

You will select the INVOICE function if you are self employed. You will select the EMPLOYEE function if you are employed.

It is important that the data you enter is correct. If you fail to complete all sections you will not be paid.

Payment dates are full weeks. For examples Monday to Sunday, will be paid the following Friday, the cycle will continue.

Mileage will be checked using an approved route planner by the admin assistant weekly. If your mileage exceeds the standard level she may ask you why. If you have a reason for increased mileage please add a note in the comments box to avoid this.

Remember you must submit the form by Monday each week for payment on Friday. Payments will be made anytime before 11am on the Friday pay day. Sometimes delays may occur and you should be aware that payments may take until close of business on Friday.