At ASJ we are proud to offer different options for events. A fruit display is the perfect healthy and impressive option for your special event. From a magnificent display to a simple platter,  we can create the perfect option for you.

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We can create a beautiful display for any space, but we have listed some of the most recognised and popular options available.

Fruit Cups (available in cocktail glass, shot glass or cup)           £1.50 per guest

Fruit Table Display Flat (200 guests)                                             £250.00

Fruit Table Display Tiered (150 guests)                                          £200.00

Fruit Palms (4ft)                                                                                  £300.00

Assorted Fruit Platter                                                                         £12.50


Our fruit designs are created for you, why not come to meet us simply send us your contact details so that we can arrange a meeting, or if you prefer we can discuss via telephone or email 0800 037 7476. You can also see our work via Facebook, as we upload photos from every event we attend.