At ASJ we are proud to offer different options for events. A fruit display is the perfect healthy and impressive option for your special event. From a magnificent display to a simple platter,  we can create the perfect option for you.

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6ft Fruit Table Display 


6 ft table size 

Full set up and design 

Perfect for large events  

6 types of fruit 

8ft Fruit Table Display 


8 ft table size 

Full set up and design 

Perfect for large events  

8 types of fruit 

Centre display 

Fruit Palm 4ft 


4ft palm tree 

Full set up and design 

Perfect for large events  

8 types of fruit 

Fruit Buffet Platter 


Regular sized buffet platter

Delivered ready to serve 

Ideal for kids party 

6 types of fruit 

If you are considering a healthy option for your wedding or other special event, a fruit table will be the perfect option. There is no correct option in respect of fruit tables, shapes and sizes can be created to your own specific requirements. We create fruit tables for Asian and Indian weddings with a understanding of what guests expect, we can create a separate fruit platter for the top table should you wish to make time for your own enjoyment during the day.

If you are considering fruit for a kids party or other even, you may also want to consider our fruit buffet platters available as part of our kids menus, or as the final option on the bottom of this page.

All of our fruit table examples, can be delivered across Birmingham, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Walsall and across the Midlands. We can also travel to provide our fruit platters in London, Manchester, Coventry and other areas.

All of our fruit tables are freshly prepared on the day of your event, complete with plates and forks, or skewers.

Our fruit displays shown in the attached image are normally 6ft and are by far the most popular and suitable option for most events.

Our fruit designs are created for you, why not come to meet us simply send us your contact details so that we can arrange a meeting, or if you prefer we can discuss via telephone or email 0800 037 7476.

You can also see our work via Facebook, as we upload photos from every event we attend.