Children’s and young people parties, how Covid-19 will change what we do.

Hosting children’s parties and young people events in a world affected by Covid-19 is going to require adjustment. Party planners and suppliers, venues and parents will need to work together. It will take a combined effort to keep things safe, as we begin to embrace in person functions again. Everyone will need to focus on key areas to ensure a safe party or event can be enjoyed, ensuring safety protocols, social distancing, including safe food an beverages. ASJ Catering & Events have been planning for months for a return to these very special occasions.

Where to start with safe parties?

Venues play a key role in the recovery of the industry. By implementing distancing practices at events and taking every precaution, it lowers the risk for the event planner and their attendees, and adds a layer of security. Children don’t always appreciate restrictions, but parents can help to reduce risk by behaving sensibly and respecting the distance of other parents.

Some large venues may start to offer thermal scanning, but this would be surprising in local settings and those smaller party venues that you enjoy.

It will be absolutely essential for party hosts or parents to operate a sanitisation policy, ensuring everyone has access and encouragement to sanitise hands. Keeping details of your guests will also help should anything unexpected occur.

We are used to inviting as many guests as possible, perhaps during these times we will need to consider limiting numbers, asking for only one parent or carer to attend and encouraging outdoor events where possible. You will likely be from a close geographical area, perhaps one school or nursery. You may decide to keep your event exclusive to your educational group bubble.


Event catering and beverage

When it comes to these events, everyone is expecting a food offering and some options may not be completely viable. Seated dining is quite normal, but you may want to check the facility is accommodating. All of our staff members will be trained in food-handling measures and understand the importance of sanitisation. These additional measures will likely drive costs higher for catering providers, we are doing everything we can at ASJ Catering & Events to keep prices below, you should know we will never compromise quality or safety.

We are suggested boxed meals for young guests, one each and strictly not sharing! The concept is well understood and these boxes have been offered by fast food chains for many years, in fact we have catered many parties in 2019 and early 2020 with this catering style. Where we used to put out food displays, we are now packaging those, don’t worry we are also thinking sustainability!

Crowding at serving areas and tables will be avoided, and our teams will be managing events well. You should ensure that your provider is prepared to receive guests and that there is a plan in place to prevent groups all meeting in one area of the room, maybe you will stagger the stations, the serving times or the food types. Don’t expect crisps and food in bowls, bottled water and cans and bottles would be most suitable.

Windows will be open and you will be enjoying the sunshine where possible, kids are always rushing about so we know this won’t be an issue. Always lookout for safe outdoor spaces that make perfect party venues! Be sure to check you have the required permission to host your special event.

  • Consider keeping the amount of food on display low and restock more frequently to reduce the amount of food touched by different people or young guests .
  • Pre-packed foods, try not to display foods
  • Restrict the number of people in the kitchen space to encourage social distancing and limit the number of people handling food on the day.

And finally a reminder of the dates from the roadmap (England)


Lockdown easing – Keydates for Events Industry (Roadmap for England)

08 MAR – 6 People (Weddings)
12 APR – 15 People (Weddings)
17 MAY – 30 People (Weddings)
21 JUN – No Legal Limit (All events)


We would love to hear from you, book your event for June 21, if it cannot happen we are always happy to amend the time or date and refund. Ensuring you have a catering and event provider that you can trust is essential.


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