Why you need ASJ to cater for your event.






A lot of catering companies claim to be the best, the cheapest, the most professional and offer you something that others cannot.

At ASJ we don’t make hundreds of claims, we will show you exactly how our catering services will make your event extra special. From testimonials and quality feedback  and examples, we can even offer you food tasting on some of our menus.

You may ask, do I need a caterer for my event?

If your guest list exceeds 15 guests, it could be a very good idea to hire in a catering service, we work with customers from 15 guests to 2000 guests, there is no right or wrong decision and it’s really a matter for you. When you are hosting an event the aim is to celebrate with those friends and loved ones, and having a professional caterer to hand will save you stress and time, and we all understand how important time is.

Can I cater an event cheaper myself? 

It’s probable that you can, after all it takes hours and hours of work to plan and then prepare food for your event. But remember time is money and spending your time wisely is also important. At ASJ we have exclusive access to discount suppliers and only offer you the best quality. The service you can get elsewhere may be cheaper, but quality cannot be compromised. Lets make a comparison you can eat fast food, or opt for something high end when choosing a dining experience, every service has it’s place but it;s not always right for your event.

Other caterers say they sell in bulk, or by job lot. What does this mean? 

This is a really confusing trick used by some catering companies. At ASJ we offer a price per guest, this means we can assure you that there will be enough for the set amount of guests and we never run out. We have worked at 1000’s of events over the years and we understand what catering is about. You know your guests best, but we don’t and to ensure they get the very best from us and ultimately you we always price per head. It’s guaranteed to save embarrassment and ensure nobody is left hungry. So not be fooled into believing buying a set amount of trays, or table full of food will be cheaper, you have no idea how many items will be on the tray and the size of the table or tray, it’s a naughty trick used to discredit a professional way of marketing or pricing catering services.

The form and legal bit 

We at ASJ have all of the following checks in place and would advise you to be extra sure of all of the following before booking your supplier.

  • Website and social media pages should show a full UK address for the catering provider, this is a legal requirement
  • Website and social media should show a full contact telephone number
  • The provider MUST be registered with the local Council and have a food hygiene rating, ASJ are rated 5* but you can choose a provider and decide for yourself what star rating you would prefer to work with.
  • If a provider works only on social media and has no premises or website, this is a cause for concern.
  • A company that does not accept PayPal payments shows some concerns, however this does not mean they are bad, there could be a valid reason.
  • A contract MUST be issued before you pay any amount of money. At ASJ we call this a confirmation email and or booking contract.
  • Terms and conditions must be issued with a copy of your invoice before you pay a penny.
  • Check the company has 10 million pounds public and employee liability insurance, some venues will only accept 10 or over, 5 million was common but this has increased most recently. 1 -2 million is not sufficient.
  • Payment options must be flexible and a company only accepting full payments on offer style services are a very worrying reality.

If you follow our guide you will be considering some of the most important aspects to stay safe whilst considering your event catering options.

If you’d like some advice, or even to chat about your current or potential provider we will always be happy to help offering our unbiased professional opinion on the facts.

If you would like to book an asj catering service, please use the links at the top of this page to browse the options available.